Moto Hint

I have been using this little device:  Moto Hint together with my cell phone Moto X second-generation Lollipop. I highly recommend this combination. It will allow you to accept phone calls and make phone calls, send and receive text messages, check the weather, get driving direction, and many useful information.

It’s the most comfortable bluetooth headset. There Are A few drawbacks: it is expensive $149 and it only lasts three hours of talking and about 4 to 5 hours standby. The Volume level is dependable upon the battery level.

  • Expensive. Poor sound quality through earpiece. Short battery life. Needs charging case to recharge.   Positioning in ear can be finicky. Best features only work with one phone.
  • The Moto Hint acts as an extension of your Moto X’s Voice and Assist features, letting you unlock and operate your phone from up to 150 feet away. But it’s just an extremely expensive Bluetooth headset.

If I have a choice, I would buy two of them. You Can Get Them on eBay for around 100 to $120.

More Information at Motorola website:


The Hint essentially acts as a remote ear for those phones and is always listening for their user defined trigger phrase, which then tells the phone that the next thing you say will be a search or executable command. It can also push incoming calls, select notifications and other kinds of audio to your ear, even when your phone is in the next room.

The final thing that I like about the Moto Hint is its nifty little carrying case/charger/battery pack that is another of those neat little ways that Motorola shows off how good it has become at design. When you plug in the case, you’re charging both the Hint in its cradle and an extra rechargeable battery in the case itself. With a fully charged case, which can be slipped on a key ring via the plastic loop that lights up when charging is happening, you can juice up your Hint at least two more times while on the go.

Paired with my new 2014 Moto X, the Moto Hint works with Moto Voice, which reads your texts to you, tells you who’s calling, and lets you answer or ignore the call.  Google Now is where Motorola extracts most of its touchless capabilities, such as sending texts, making calls, and setting reminders. Indeed, I could operate Google Now on with Moto X from about 50 feet away.

You also get the ability to send messages to WhatsApp, post status updates to Facebook, and play music playlists from YouTube. However, the compatibility with third-party apps isn’t very useful. For example, there’s very little reason to use the Hint for music through YouTube, as the sound quality coming out of the Hint’s earpiece is sub-standard.

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