Dragon Naturally Speaking – version 12.5

I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking – version 12.5 for about one year now. I started out with version 10, then upgraded to version 11, and now I am using 12.5

I have not upgraded to version 13, from my research: many users are not happy with this version.

you can purchase the software here:


QuadJoy Mouth Mouse




the Quadjoy 3 – USB and Bluetooth.

Improved movement accuracy and smoothness, with adjustable cursor speed.

January 29, 2015: I have been using this QuadJoy For about four years now. Together with Dragon Naturally Speaking software, I can continue my website development like this one, and as well as graphic designs: kinsleydesigns.wordpress.com

IntegraMouse USB wireless

A Big Thank You to

LIFEtool Solutions GmbH and Rehadapt.com for making the IntegraMouse Plus available for testing review!


February 20, 2015:


The IntegraMouse Plus is super easy to install:  plug-and-play on my Windows 8.1 desktop PC computer. The IntegraMouse Plus can be used with all standard operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, which support USB. You Do Need to purchase separate mounts to install The IntegraMouse Plus on your wheelchair or workstation.

Capture 02

The IntegraMouse Plus can be used wireless with fully charge the battery for about 12 hours at continuous use and about 48 hours at average use or about 140 hours in standby mode. The wireless feature is very nice if you are using your notebook computer. I found using the IntegraMouse Plus with the silicon tube is much more comfortable. The IntegraMouse Plus automatically goes into standby mode if it is not used for 30 seconds,  and wake up immediately on interaction with movement of the mouthpiece.

I also like the mouthpiece: easy to remove for cleaning but not easy to fall off like Quad Joy mouse.

Overall, the IntegraMouse Plus is beautiful design and works great: easy to install, very responsive, and comfortable to use.

My Only wish is the IntegraMouse Plus comes with a built in microphone: this would be a great feature for users with dictation software such as Dragon Naturall Speaking.

more information here: http://www.integramouse.com/integramouse-plus/remarkability.html?L=1

instruction and manual: