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Sprayable Sleep


I have been testing this new Sprayable Sleep product. It does help me falling asleep on those rough nightS. Very simple to use: hold the Sprayable Sleep away from your neck around 6 inches and spray it on your neck two times, one on each side of your neck!

For Me, I did fall asleep about 10 minutes or so after spraying the Sprayable Sleep.

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Sprayable Sleep


  • Healthy natural sleep without the addictive pills (or alcohol)
  • Fall asleep on your schedule and wake up refreshed
  • Mimic how your body naturally produces melatonin
  • Just 3 simple ingredients – Melatonin, Water, Tyrosine ( a derivative of a natural amino acid)


  • Fully certified, tested, and manufactured in a US CGMP Facility
  • Developed by an industry leading PhD in Chemistry and housed in Stanford University’s StartX Startup Program
  • Wake up well rested every morning

Get to Sleep Without Addictive Pills

Sprayable Sleep helps you sleep fall asleep naturally and stay through the stress, pain, noise, or light that usually keeps you awake. It does it without harsh chemicals, addictive sleeping pills, or the alcohol that you may be using today.

Fall asleep on your schedule and wake up refreshed

Sprayable Sleep puts you in control of your sleep. Whether you’re traveling and have jet lag or are working the night shift, Sprayable will help you get to sleep when you want so you’re refreshed and alert when you need it most.

The Benefits of Melatonin – Without the Downsides

Melatonin is a wonderful sleep aid but the pill form has several flaws that we solve with Sprayable Sleep. Sprayable gives you the exact level of melatonin you need (often 30x less than you ingest with pills) and delivers it gradually over time – mimicking how your body naturally produces and uses melatonin.